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Coby, a new addition to Vintage Paws, is a sweet, loving, 12-year-old American Eskimo gentleman. We don’t have a lot of information on Coby’s background except that he was adopted from a shelter in Orange County about five months ago. Last month, he was returned to that shelter with a suspiciously broken leg, teeth in dire need of dental care, and he was dehydrated and grossly underfed.

Jennifer Hummel, president and CEO of Vintage Paws, heard about Coby and immediately secured transportation to bring him to our shelter. Coby was in serious pain and in addition to his other symptoms, his stomach would not empty, quite likely due to severe neglect. The next day, she took him to BluePearl in Sarasota where Dr. Daly immediately brought him into their ER and got to work.

The doctor emptied 300 milliliters of fluid from his abdomen and began introducing medications to get his stomach moving again. He received liquid nutrition through a nasal tube and slowly, Coby’s bloodwork began to improve and X-rays showed no additional fluid build-up in his abdomen.

Coby was given Entyce to help him eat on his own and get him hydrated so he could withstand the procedure to repair the break. After a few days, Dr. Kirsch of Coastal Veterinary Surgical Specialists felt that he might be strong enough and the broken leg was repaired with an external fixator that Coby will wear for the next two months.

Coby’s veterinary care eventually cost us almost $2,900, with our wonderful donors kicking in $2,835 so far. But the good news is that eventually, Coby made enough progress to be fostered for the rest of his recovery and Jenn took him home to her own house to complete his recuperation. We hope that someday soon, someone will see little Coby, fall in love with him, and give him a forever home that will make up for his unhappy past.

This is why we, at Vintage Paws, do what we do. We feel that senior dogs deserve as much a right to a happy life as any dog. Regardless of their condition, we take them in and give them dignity, compassion, love, and a safe place to lay their heads for the rest of their lives, even if they never get adopted.

A quick peek into our little dog room on any day will show our dogs mingling, playing, napping, or snuggling on a volunteer’s lap.

“Be The One” to help others like Coby.

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Dixie is one of the sweetest girls!  Her nickname is “Circles,” because she had a stroke in her past and she tends to walk in large circles.  She is very good at avoiding obstacles, though.  Besides her extra-curricular activity, she is a healthy girl looking for a home of her own.   

Benji is a character!  He is completely blind after losing one eye to glaucoma and then surgically “killing” the other so he wouldn’t lose that one too.  He is spunky and sweet and sniffing out a home of his own!

Joey is a retired circus dog looking for his forever home.   Could it be yours?Joey

Pickles is a sweet and gentle soul who was found in the road in Tampa after his owner passed.  Pickles loves to cuddle and sit on your lap.  He sleeps most of the day and is very quiet.  He is completely blind.Pickles