#GivingTuesday – Make a Difference in a Senior Dog’s Life!

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Vintage Paws is a non-profit dog sanctuary. We rescue senior dogs who have been abandoned, surrendered to shelters, or whose humans have died. Vintage Paws pays for all medical treatment for the life of the seniors dogs in our care. Our goal is to provide these old souls with loving homes where they can live out their lives with dignity, knowing they are loved. We have three levels of care. 

Our HOSPICE program is for very elderly dogs who have the chance to be spoiled and loved until it’s time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. 

Our LIFERS are those dogs who are, for whatever reason unadoptable. They have free run of a large comfortable room as well as access to come and go into a big grassy, shady yard where they can take a nap outside. 

Our FOSTERS go to approved homes either for life or until they are adopted. Our organization is run 100% by dedicated volunteers. 

All donations go directly towards the ongoing and emergency medical expenses of the 60 dogs in our care. Annually we spend in excess of $200,000 to provide the seniors in our care with quality and often times life saving healthcare. Unfortunately, most of the seniors we rescue come with medical problems sometimes this is due to age, but often times it is due to neglect. Please help us reach our goal of $25,000. 

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