RIP, Amy Fischer

We at Vintage Paws Sanctuary are heartbroken to learn of the sudden death of one of our friends, Amy Fischer. Amy was a staunch supporter, a board member and our Volunteer Coordinator. You may not know her by name, but you’ve seen her at almost every event we have ever had. Amy was our first volunteer to come on board with Vintage Pawsand has remained an active volunteer ever since. She is a dear friend to us and we are so sad she is gone. May we remember her as the wonderful human being that she is and in her memory, we are creating a new program: Amy’s Angels. We are honoring her with a plaque in our memorial garden and we are certain she was greeted by the many senior dogs as she went over the Rainbow Bridge.

Although Amy worked full-time at Ringling School of Art and Design in Admissions, she was at Vintage nearly every weekend, giving her time to introduce new volunteers to the wonderful life of senior dogs. You would find Amy on any given weekend or holiday holding, walking or cuddling a dog. She was passionate about the cause and never hesitated to share her love of senior dogs, and the love they can give in return, all with a smile on her face. Amy was always willing to help set up, break down and transport dogs to and from our many events.

Amy is survived by her own beloved senior dog, Chester, who will miss her immensely, but has a permanent home with a dear friend of Amy’s. Amy surrounded herself with many amazing friends, co-workers and the love of senior dogs. 

Memories from our Board Members:
Amy had been a long-time client of ACE Pet Resort, where Vintage Paws was founded, with her own dog, Chester.  Once we started taking in senior dogs, Amy inquired about volunteering and then became our very first volunteer. Amy never hesitated to help anywhere it was needed. At our board meetings, she almost always had a dog in her lap. Her giving nature, warm smile and generous heart will be sorely missed. I will see you at the Bridge, Amy. I miss you. Love, Jenn Hummel – President
I first met Amy at a Vintage Paws golf tournament fundraiser back in 2014. All the dogs gravitated towards her. Amy was Vintage Paws’ first volunteer. She knew and loved every dog at the sanctuary and they knew and loved her just as well. Since our introduction, I have seen her at every single weekend event or fundraiser Vintage Paws has had. She was often a sponsor, always in honor of a senior dog who had passed away and never in her name. She was an amazing human being who dedicated her free time to senior dogs. We worked our last volunteer event together in early December and as always, she was engaging the community about the benefits and fun of adopting a senior dog. Amy, thank you for being our volunteer coordinator and all you have done for Vintage Paws. Kerri Baur
I have had the privilege of working with Amy for the past two years at Vintage Paws. Amy was always the person to raise her hand when a project needed to be done and raised it with a smile and good nature. She never hesitated to say, “need some help with that” and when she helped it was 120% effort. But most of all, Amy had the most amazing, loving relationship with our senior dogs—even the grumpiest like Stewie, who crawled into her lap at every opportunity. I learned a lot from Amy, especially how to be quietly and gracefully helpful. Miss you my friend…see you at the Bridge. Vicki Copeland
When I joined the Vintage Paws family Amy welcomed me with a great big smile. I was impressed with her dedication to the organization as she always went above and beyond to help out wherever needed. At our meetings the dogs always “ran” to greet her first, they knew she had a big heart. She loved every dog that came through our doors. I will always remember her generosity, kindness, compassion, and her love for animals. My heart is broken but I take comfort in knowing that Amy was greeted by her beloved 4-legged friends at the Rainbow Bridge. Cam McCarthy
I only wish I’d have had time to know Amy better, she had such a kind heart. Heaven indeed got an angel last weekend. Debbie Roginski
My fondest memories of Amy are of her devoted attention to the events to help raise funds. Helping decorate for our Halloween Party and braving the cold dark waters of the Intercostal as she waved to the spectators at the Venice Boat parade on the boat entered for Vintage Paws – always with her can do attitude and warm smile! Cindy Watson

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