DogStreetPetPhotography_VinPaws_9083-726x587-300x242About Vintage Paws

Vintage Paws, a non-profit 501(c)(3) senior dog sanctuary, EIN 45-3687769, was started (officially) in 2012 by Jennifer Hummel, a long-time animal lover and owner of ACE Pet Resort. Jennifer experienced first-hand the devastating plight of senior dogs when their owners can no longer care for them. When Jennifer was 16, her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her mother knew that when she passed, her teenage daughters would be unable to afford care for their three senior dogs, let alone care for themselves. When the end was near, Jennifer’s mother made the difficult decision to bring the dogs to Bishop Animal Shelter. Due to their age and health conditions, they were almost certainly euthanized.

Fast forward to 2004, when ACE Pet Resort opened its doors. From its inception, ACE provided a home for wayward senior dogs. Some live out the remainder of their lives here, being given the medical attention they need and the love they deserve. Others have been placed in their own forever homes.

The goal of Vintage Paws is to give senior and terminally ill dogs a home of their own. Vintage Paws will raise funding through grants, fundraising and private donors to build these dogs a home to live out their remaining days, months or years. Vintage Paws will educate the public about caring for their senior dogs and ways to make the senior years more enjoyable for the dog and the owner. Vintage Paws will obtain pet therapy certification for eligible dogs so they may be ambassadors for senior dogs and provide therapy to nursing home residents, children and the community.

Due to the present issue of limited space, Vintage Paws currently accepts a small number of senior dogs on a case-by-case basis. These dogs are dogs whose owners have passed, whose owners can no longer care for them, dogs who have been abandoned at a shelter, or otherwise deemed unadoptable due to age or illness.